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Currently pizza hut Ethiopia has opened two restaurants, one in CMC next to NOC gas station and one in Bole morning star mall. In these two restaurants there is going to be 3 options for customers that are eat in, take away and delivery.

Eat in

All our restaurants will provide our customers with a comfortable dining area which includes a free Wi-Fi with fast internet connection; they can also watch entertainment channels while enjoying their meal. Our restaurant team will provide you with the best customer service in town that will let you enjoy your pizza within 15 minutes of ordering it.

Take away

For customers that want their food on the go, our restaurant will provide a take away service that includes a waiting area for customer who requests the service. Our customers will have their pizza ready within fifteen minutes for a take away, we also have a triple treat take away box for families and couples who order different pizzas and will have it in one box which will let them have variety options in one box.


Our restaurant is one of the first restaurants in Ethiopia to launch a delivery service on it is own. Our customers can have their pizzas delivered within three kilometer range from our restaurants. We will deliver your pizza where you are in time and let you enjoy it at your home or in your office.





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